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The History of Claresholm Pharmacy

Claresholm Pharmacy History

Claresholm Pharmacy was originally opened on May 1, 1907 by Otto Reineche. In 1921, the Pharmacy moved to its present location on Main Street. On May 1, 1950, Mr. Harry “Duke” Ferguson, a long time employee since 1936, became the second owner of the Pharmacy. The store became admirably called Duke’s Drugs.

Lee and Betty Mainprize purchased the store as of May 1, 1976 and from Duke’s Drugs, its name was changed to IDA. At the time of purchase, the Mainprize’s did not know that all three owners have started business on May 1.

Over the years, many renovations and additions have taken place on the original building, so not much is left except part of the back wall, the rear office and the peaked roof. The spirit and the history of the old store still laments as most old timers of Claresholm have their own stories about the store.

Today, the physical location of the Pharmacy encompasses three buildings; the original pharmacy; the old Ruth’s Flower shop and the old Alberta Hotel. This Hotel was one of the oldest buildings in town. It served well in the community but like any other, all good things come to an end.

On May 1, 2011 a new owner came to join the ranks. Paul Zemlak took over the business and retained its name Claresholm Pharmacy. The Pharmacy now has expanded its services and offered so much more variety to cater to community’s growing needs. Part of the Pharmacy’s growth is becoming more technical and more clinical. We also offer Diabetes Counselling, Health and Wellness Education, prescription renewal at the tip of your finger, Vaccinations, Medication Review and even new prescriptions for minor ailments.

The history has only begun for the new owner, Paul Zemlak and together we will write a new story for future generations.

Claresholm Pharmacy History
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