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About Us

At Claresholm Pharmacy, our experienced team is committed to providing you with the best service and quality care. We offer support, guidance and care to help you confidently move forward with your treatment plan. We understand that sometimes you need your medication quickly, which is why we strive to serve you in a quick and efficient manner, while also maintaining a discreet and respectful atmosphere. Our dedication to providing the best service and quality care is evident in everything we do.

Our pharmacy services include:

  • Prescription Management
  • Home Health Care
  • Compliance Packaging and Prescription Compounding
  • Chronic Condition and Weight Loss Management
  • Travel Health & Vaccinations 
  • Free Delivery

Meet Our Pharmacy Team

Paul Zemlak

Paul Zemlak


More About Claresholm Pharmacy

Claresholm Pharmacy opened on May 1, 1907 by Otto Reineche. In 1921, the pharmacy moved to the present location on Main Street. On May 1, 1950, Mr. Harry “Duke” Ferguson, a longtime employee since 1936, became the second owner of the pharmacy. The store admirably became Duke’s Drugs.

Lee and Betty Mainprize purchased the store as of May 1, 1976. The name was changed to IDA. At the time of purchase, the Mainprize’s did not know that all three owners had started business on May 1. Over the years, many renovations and additions have taken place on the original building, so not much is left except part of the back wall, the rear office and the peaked roof. 

Today, the physical location of the pharmacy encompasses three buildings: the original pharmacy, Ruth’s Flower Shop and the Alberta Hotel. This Hotel was one of the oldest buildings in town. 

On May 1, 2011, Paul Zemlak took over the business and retained the name Claresholm Pharmacy. The pharmacy has expanded its services and offerings to meet the growing needs of the local community. 

The history has only begun for Paul Zemlak. Together, we will write a new story for future generations.

Claresholm Pharmacy in 1940

Date unknown. Photo credit:

More Than a Pharmacy

At Claresholm Pharmacy, we believe that the well-being of you and your loved ones is always top priority. We take great care to ensure that your needs are always met. Our shelves are stocked with high-quality products and our pharmacy is equipped with the latest and most innovative technology. 

Our specialists always treat our customers with respect and equality, greeting everyone with a smile. We place the health, wellness and happiness of our customers above everything else. Our warm and welcoming atmosphere allows our customers to feel comfortable and confident, especially when entrusting us with their medical and healthcare needs.

Our Reviews

Great store and pharmacy.


– Terry

Always good service, welling to help all the time nicest crew in Claresholm. 😉


– Alejandra

They have excellent service and are very helpful in finding what you are looking for.


– Walter

First time I’ve been in this store. Fantastic service! Store is setup so you can easily find what you need. Staff are friendly and helpful and go above and beyond. Highly recommended.


– Joyce

Excellent customer service with a variety of amenities and they also have sales and service of handicap equipment from walkers, canes, scooters to wheelchairs as well. Definitely recommended to stop and check it out.


– Christopher

We were so impressed with this store and the service Paul provided! Claresholm has a hidden gem here and must be very proud to have this business as their very own


– Rod